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24" x 18" x 2" | Oil | $950.00

Status: Available

Current Location: Petrov Frame Atelier

During my formal art education days, I was introduced to jazz through a teacher and a fellow student. The music that drifted through the Senior Studios had been unfamiliar to me. I was already a lover of many forms of music, so when listening to jazz, I could pick up snippets of familiar rhythms and melodies along with combinations of sounds that weren’t familiar. I began to take notice-there was a lot of improvisation, the musical artists weren’t constrained to a plan from start to finish and they could go where the music took them. And that’s how it is with my paintings, a mark, a color, like a note or rhythm sets things in motion. You may not know where you are going, but you will get there. “Jazzy” commemorates this trumpet player - a man alone with his music - and how fortunate we are in Indianapolis to have a great jazz tradition and a vibrant jazz scene today.



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